The Average Parent Gives in to Their Kid’s Demands 218 Times a Year

Sometimes you have to give in to your kid just to protect your own sanity.  But a new poll looked at the average parent’s win-loss record, and it’s not great . . .

The average parent has 190 “wins” a year, or just under four per week.  Meaning your kid doesn’t want to do something, and you get them to do it anyway.

But the average parent also caves and gives their kid what they want 218 times a year.  So kids win about 53% of the time.

People were asked to rank the top parenting wins and losses . . .

The top wins include getting them to brush their teeth . . . having them up and ready in time for school . . . eating their fruits and vegetables . . . and getting them to do their homework.

The top parenting losses include:  Letting them eat whatever they want . . . letting them have dessert before dinner . . . letting them use their phone or iPad at the table . . . buying them something they want but don’t need . . . and letting them stay up past their bedtime.