The American Diet Is Really Getting . . . Healthier?

This might come as a surprise, so you might want to finish chewing your Sausage McMuffin.

The results of a 20-year study on the American diet have just been released . . . and apparently, Americans are eating . . . HEALTHIER?

In 1999, 49% of people said they had a “poor quality diet” . . . but now that number has DECREASED to 37%.  That’s 12% of people eating LESS BAD.

The authors of the study consider that “modest improvement,” because it still means more than ONE in THREE people have a terrible diet.

A GOOD quality diet is defined as “higher intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, nuts, seeds, and legumes . . . and lower intake of sugar-sweetened beverages, processed meat, saturated fat, and sodium.”

Turns out, there’s one BIG detail you need to know.  The quality of Americans’ diets in this study was SELF-REPORTED.

(ACP Journals)