The 10 Most Underrated Skills That Everyone Should Learn

There are important things that everyone should learn:  How to read . . . financial literacy . . . and how to switch your phone to silent.

But people online are talking about the most “UNDERRATED SKILLS” that everyone should learn.  And there are some good ones.  Here are the 10 best:

1.  First Aid . . . including life-saving basics like CPR and the Heimlich maneuver

2.  How to swim . . . not just for exercise or recreation, but also as a life skill

3.  Cooking . . . “not only is it healthier, but you save a lot of money as well”

4.  Basic home and car maintenance

5.  How to unclog a toilet . . . and how not to clog a toilet in the first place

6.  Sewing

7.  Spelling . . . It’s more “underrated” now, because our devices automatically clean things up

8.  How to read a nutrition label

9.  How to safely operate a firearm

10.  How to tell an interesting story.

And someone else said, “How to scram during an awkward silence.”  (???)

That was probably tongue-in-cheek, but reading social cues is important, both OFFLINE and ONLINE.

Some people took it a little more broadly, suggesting skills like:  “Learning how to say NO” . . . “Being patient” . . . and “the ability to spot and avoid toxic people.”