The #1 Worst Part of Summer Is . . . Mosquitoes

Now that summer is on its way out, it’s time to BADMOUTH IT.

There’s a new survey out on the most frustrating parts of summer, and not surprisingly, MOSQUITOES is #1.  (“Searing your love-handles on seat belt buckles” was totally snubbed!)

Here’s the rest of the list of things that we HATE about summer:

2.  Sweating.

3.  Excessive heat.

4.  Humidity and “stickiness.”

5.  “Increased number of people in my usual area.”  (???)  (Or:  There are crowds.)

6.  Higher utility bills.

7.  Sunburns.

8.  Excessive air conditioning.

9.  Lack of shade outside.

10.  Pressure to do something.

Just missing the Top 10 was TICKS.  They’re gnarly . . . but not as bad as the pressure to do something, apparently.

49% of people said they’d rather stand in an outdoor ticket line for hours than suffer through bug bites.

44% of people said they’d give up social media for a month if they could avoid mosquitoes.  And 29% say they’d rather get a sunburn than be bit by bugs.