Thanksgiving News: Aldi Is Matching 2019 Prices, and Campbell’s Is Selling a “Holiday Sides Plate”

Now that Halloween is behind us, here come the Thanksgiving stories . . .

We’ve already heard how the average dinner will cost more this year thanks to inflation and other factors.  But one store just announced a throwback sale.

Aldi . . . which has 2,200 stores in 38 states . . . is giving customers a break by selling certain Thanksgiving staples at their 2019 prices.

Not everything is resetting to its old price.  But a few things they mentioned in the press release include stuffing, rolls, apple pies, and certain types of wine.  They say some items will be discounted up to 30%.

2.  In other Thanksgiving news:  Campbell’s started selling a special plate for Thanksgiving SIDES this week, and it immediately sold out.  You can sign up for email alerts to get notified when they’re back in stock at

If you don’t get one, you’re not missing too much.  It’s just a plastic plate with dividers for five sides, so they don’t touch.  Each one is $15, and all the proceeds go to the charity Feeding America.  (Here’s a photo.)

Campbell’s also did a poll that found two-thirds of Americans like Thanksgiving sides more than turkey, and half of us would be okay with ONLY having sides.

Our five favorites are mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, and macaroni-and-cheese.

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