Ten Baby Boomer Complaints Young People Agree With

We constantly hear about how young people are at odds with Baby Boomers.  But not on everything.

Someone asked Gen Zers and Millennials to list things older generations got right, or Boomer complaints they actually agree with.  Here are a few favorites:

1.  Physical knobs, buttons and dials are great.  Not everything needs to be a touchscreen.

2.  If you’re going to a party, bring something.  Not enough of us do that anymore.

3.  There’s not enough parking.  If a place doesn’t have easy parking nearby, it’s not worth going.

4.  Things should start on time, specifically concerts.

5.  Music everywhere is too loud, including the mood music at stores.

6.  Pets shouldn’t be allowed in stores.  Service animals are fine, but you shouldn’t be walking around TJ Maxx with a Great Dane.

7.  You shouldn’t have to download an app for EVERYTHING.

8.  Not all food needs to be gourmet or “elevated.”  Just eat something.

9.  Give me a real menu.  I don’t want to scan a QR code.

10.  If you’re setting off fireworks at 10:00 PM and it’s not July 4th, you’re a jerk.

Here’s one more random comment we liked too:  The best way to leave any social situation is the “double thigh slap” . . . then say, “Whelp, best be moseyin’ on.”