Stuffed Foods: Oscar Mayer’s Stuffed Dogs . . . and Burger King’s “Mozzarella Fries”

If you’re a STUFFED FOODS fanatic, this week has been STUFFED with exciting news . . . particularly these two:

1.  Oscar Mayer has a new line of “stuffed” hot dogs in stores nationwide.

They have three varieties.  So, instead of being filled with just meat . . . or whatever is inside hot dogs . . . you can get ones packed with cheese, chili cheese, or jalapeno cheddar.  An eight-pack will cost you around $5.

(They played it safe, with just CHEESE and HEAT.  Herbs may have also worked.  But thankfully they resisted the urge to go the SWEET route, with things like cinnamon, maple, or chocolate.)

2.  Burger King is adding “mozzarella fries” nationwide, after they were a hit in some test markets.  They are basically fry-shaped mozzarella sticks . . . and they come with a marinara dipping sauce.

Sounds like they aren’t a limited thing, they’ll be a permanent new menu item.