South Park, Colorado Took in Hundreds of People Stranded by Bad Weather

Fairplay, Colorado is a small town near Denver.  And it’s in a larger area called South Park, which is where the show “South Park” is set.

But apparently the people who live there are a LOT nicer than the people on the show.  Because check this out . . .

Over Thanksgiving weekend, hundreds of travelers got stranded there by snow and high winds.  It was so bad, you couldn’t drive in it.  So the town took in ALL of them and made sure everyone had a place to sleep.

The official population of Fairplay is 762.  On Friday, they sheltered another 300 people.  Then 446 on Saturday.  And at least 30 of them had to be rescued from their cars.

When all the hotels filled up, the managers let people sleep in the lobby and passed out blankets, pillows, and hot chocolate.

When all the area shelters were full, volunteers laid out wrestling mats for people to sleep on at South Park High School.

It’s not clear how many residents also brought people into their homes.  But lots of people donated food, and so did at least one church.

The head of the local Salvation Army called the effort “amazing.”  And he said he’s, quote, “just so proud” of his little community for what they did.

(WJW / Denver Post)