Sleep Positions & What They Mean

Fetal Position — This is when a person curls up on their side with their legs bent. It is often associated with sensitivity and shyness. People who prefer this position might seek comfort and may have a sensitive soul.

Log Position — In the log position, the sleeper lies on their side with both arms down along their body. This position is linked to being social and easygoing. However, these individuals might also be somewhat gullible and overly trusting.

Yearner Position — Sleepers in the yearner position lie on their sides with their arms stretched out in front. They are often described as complex and cautious, taking a long time to make decisions.

Starfish Position — Starfish sleepers lie on their backs with their arms up around their pillow. They are typically good listeners, helpful, and make loyal friends, although they prefer not to be the center of attention.

Freefall Position — This position, where a person sleeps on their stomach with arms wrapped around a pillow and head turned to one side, often indicates an open and fun personality. However, these individuals might harbor anxiety and dislike criticism.