Six Things You Didn’t Know Siri Can Do

Do you actually use Siri on your iPhone . . . or mostly just tell her to shut up when she turns on by mistake?  The site Lifehacker posted a list of things you might not know Siri can do.  Here are a few good ones . . .

1.  Flip a coin.  She’ll tell you if it came up heads or tails.  She can also roll dice.

2.  Calculate your tip.  Just say something like, “What’s 20% of $63.80?”  She’ll tell you to tack on an extra $12.76.

3.  Read articles out loud.  You need iOS 17 for that one, and the webpage has to be open in Safari.

4.  Find your other Apple devices.  Tell her to ping what you’re looking for, like your Apple Watch.  As long as it’s in your “Find My” list, it should start beeping.

5.  Open your Apple Wallet.  You don’t have to fumble through your phone to find concert tickets or your boarding pass.  She can open it faster.

6.  Translate.  Just tell her to “say this . . .” in whatever language you want.  It can be helpful when you’re traveling in other countries.