Shocking News: A Lot of the Nutrition Advice on TikTok Is B.S.

If you’re getting your dietary advice from TikTok, so are a lot of people.  But maybe STOP that:  “The Washington Post” did a big article this month on why that advice can’t always be trusted.

It’s not because all influencers are idiots.  Some aren’t.  But a lot are being PAID to say certain things, and they’re not always making it clear that it’s paid content.

The FTC has regulations for this stuff now.  If you’re being paid to back a certain stance, you’re supposed to disclose it.  But not everyone does, or they’ll be shady and hide it in a “paid partnership” hashtag.

Three reporters looked at TikTok videos from 68 different dietitians.  33 of them . . . with a combined 11 MILLION followers . . . had recently posted sponsored content.  And only around half were always upfront about it.

For example, the World Health Organization said this summer that aspartame . . . which is in a lot of diet sodas . . . might not be totally safe.

The “Washington Post” singled out three different dieticians who challenged that idea on TikTok, but didn’t make it clear that they were being paid by a lobbyist group that works with Coca-Cola AND Pepsi.

(The Takeout)