Seven Things That Are More Expensive at Costco

You can save a lot of money by shopping at big box stores like Costco, but not EVERYTHING’S a deal.  Here are seven things that might cost less if you buy them at a normal grocery store . . .

1.  Milk.  The national average is around $4 a gallon at Costco, but often $3 or less at grocery stores and places like Walmart and Target.

2.  Bread.  Supermarkets have more sales in general, including buy-one-get-one deals.  So buying a big double-loaf bag at Costco might not really offer that much savings, especially if the second loaf ends up spoiling.

3.  Bagged salad.  There’s not a huge savings when you buy bigger bags of those.  Plus, it’s another thing that tends to go bad before you can get through it.

4.  Chicken breasts.  Costco sells them in individually wrapped bags, so they’re easy to freeze.  But it’s usually cheaper to buy a pack at the grocery store and just put each one in a freezer bag yourself.

5.  Spices.  They ARE cheaper if you buy in bulk at Costco, but their flavor can dull over time.  That means you might be saving money upfront.  But if you don’t use up those big tubs fast enough, you’re not really getting your money’s worth.

6.  Canned soup.  It keeps for a long time in your cupboard, but you’re better off waiting until they go on sale and stocking up at the grocery store.

7.  Cereal.  Another one that’s cheaper at the supermarket when it goes on sale.  The three major brands are General Mills, Kellogg’s, and Post, and stores usually alternate which ones they mark down.  So just keep an eye out and be patient.