Seven Subtle Signs Your Kid Needs Glasses

Credit: nobelio

If you want your kid to do well in school, a good first step is to make sure they can actually SEE the blackboard.  So with the new school year starting up, here are seven not-so-obvious signs your kid might need glasses . . .

1.  They avoid books or claim they don’t like to read.  Maybe it’s true, or maybe it’s just harder than it should be, because the words are blurry.

2.  It seems like their attention span has gotten shorter.  Yes, the two might be linked.  Kids have even been diagnosed with ADHD when they really just needed glasses.

3.  Their hand-eye coordination seems like it’s lacking.  For example, they might have a tough time catching a ball, or tying their shoes.

4.  They sit really close to the TV, because maybe they HAVE to.

5.  They blink or rub their eyes a lot.  It could be allergies.  But it could also be a sign they’re straining their eyes to see.

6.  Guiding their eyes with their finger when they read.  It’s not always a sign they need glasses, but it could be.

7.  Falling grades.  If they start doing worse in school and you can’t figure out why, think about getting their eyes checked.

(Vision Council)



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