Seven Signs Your Kid Is Spoiled

Are you spoiling your child without even realizing it?  Someone asked parenting experts to name the top signs a kid is spoiled, and they came up with seven.

One or two might not be a big deal.  But if they fit the bill for most of these, you may have a spoiled kid on your hands . . .

1.  When you tell them no, they throw a tantrum.  A lot of little kids do it.  But is it every time?  And does it seem like they always expect to get what they want?

2.  They’re never satisfied with what they have.  It might even come across as greedy.  Instead of enjoying the toys and other stuff they have, they’re more focused on the next thing they want.

3.  They think the world revolves around them.  The world kind of DOES these days, especially little kids.  So that one might be tough to read.

4.  They demand things NOW.  They can’t wait, they want it immediately.  And you usually give in, because it’s easier.

5.  They’re sore losers.  No one likes to lose, especially kids.  But spoiled kids might have a harder time with it.  Look for things like always blaming others, and expecting to be praised for every little thing they do well.

6.  They’re manipulative and don’t give up until they get their way.  That might include pitting one parent against the other.  Like, “Mom said I could.”

7.  You have to bribe them to do stuff.  Even basic things, like picking up their toys or brushing their teeth.  If you always have to reward them for stuff, they might be spoiled.  Especially if they start ASKING for bribes.