Seven Foods That Are More Hydrating Than Watermelon

You’ve probably heard watermelon is a good food to keep you hydrated in hot weather, and it’s true.  We get about 20% of the water we need from food, and every bite of watermelon you take is 92% water.

But did you know some foods are even higher than that?

Here are a few other types of produce that can help keep you hydrated . . .

1.  Cucumbers.  They’re 96% water.  Watermelon might still be better though, because you eat a lot of it.  Few of us will sit down and eat a whole cucumber.

2.  Iceberg lettuce, also 96%.  There aren’t many vitamins in it, but lots of water.

3.  Celery, 95% water.

4.  Radishes, 95%.

5.  Romaine lettuce, 95%.

6.  Tomatoes, 94%.

7.  Zucchini, 94%.

Like watermelon, a LOT of other fruits and veggies are 92% water:  The list includes strawberries, asparagus, bell peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, mushrooms, and spinach.

(UCLA Health)