Save Gas By Removing Weight From Your Car

According to for every extra 100 pounds you have in your car, you’ll reduce its gas mileage by 2 percent.

Some suggestions from the (Your Name) Show:

• Remove the battery. Don’t these things weigh 15-20 pounds? Park facing downhill and “pop the clutch” to start the car. This applies to the point-five-percent of you who drive vehicles with clutches. All others should pick up enough speed to coast to work.

• Remove the headlights and travel only during the day. Besides, only criminals go out at night.

• Replace all four tires with those small, temporary tires many of us have in our trunks. Just keep in mind they are designed for top speeds of around 23 mph.

• Eliminate the back seat. Lay down a blanket, or an old refrigerator box, so children and friends can ride on the floor. Or install bean bag chairs.

• Take a weekend and strip the car’s paint. The typical vehicle has 947 pounds of paint on it. Or so I’m told.