San Francisco is looking to replace their public trash cans throughout the city . . . and they currently have three models in contention, which solve one big problem:  They’re harder for people to break into, rummage through, and leave a mess.

And apparently cost was NOT an issue, because the prototypes of the models they’ve had designed cost $20,000 . . . EACH.   Every trash can.  $20,000.

There are more than 3,000 public trash cans throughout the city, so if you do the math, that’s more than $60 MILLION.

For the record, the city notes that while the PROTOTYPES will cost up to $20,000 when they have them mass-produced the price should come down.

The trash cans are also high-tech.  There’s a sensor inside, which will notify city workers when the trash can is almost full.  Which they’ll probably ignore anyway.

(SF Chronicle)

(To see a $20,000 trash can, here are the three designs. Gotta love government.)