Rejoice! America’s Least Favorite Months of the Year Are Over

It’s March already . . . so when you’re outside, does it smell like spring is in the air?  If not, at least the STENCH of our two LEAST favorite months of the year is fading away.

There’s a new poll out on America’s favorite MONTHS, and our least favorite . . . by far . . . are January and February.  November also doesn’t get much love.

The other main winter month, December, is divisive . . . because of the holidays.  40% of people say they LOVE December, which was more than any other month, but 7% HATE it, and another 14% dislike it.

If you include all positive feelings . . . loving and liking . . . April is our favorite month.  May and October are also well-liked.  It seems like people appreciate milder weather, AND the months that start new seasons.

The only non-winter month that people are a little sour on is August . . . maybe it’s the going back to school thing, or maybe it’s just getting tired of summer heat.  But that’s nit-picky . . . August is still loved or liked by 74% of people.