Quirky Techniques To Become Instantly Happier

Yes, there’s meditation and exercise to help us clear our mind and be happier, but have you tried this:

RUBBING YOUR EARS — Ear reflexology involves stimulating the pressure points on the ear connected with various parts of our body. This works with our negative emotions, too. Massaging the outer rings of each ear might boost your mood.

TELL YOURSELF YOU’RE ‘GETTING BUSY’ MORE THAN YOUR NEIGHBORS — Recent research found those having sex two to three times per month were 33% happier than those who aren’t. They became even happier knowing their frequency was even more than their peers.

BECOME A PHYSICAL THERAPIST — Physical therapists love their jobs the most, according to a few studies. Or become a firefighter, which came in second on the list.

PLAY VIDEO GAMES — 67 percent of gamers reported playing a video game decreased their depression and increased their well-being and social functioning. This is the case even for gamers in their 70s.