Three inmates at a jail in St. Paul, Minnesota are being called heroes after they saved another inmate who was suicidal last week.

Deonte Blackwell, Austin Dirkx, and Rodolfo Hernandez del Angel saw the guy climb up onto a railing last Wednesday, above the common area.  And it looked like he was about to jump.

So they tried to talk him down while Deonte ran and grabbed a laundry cart that was nearby.  And when the guy DID jump, they managed to CATCH him in it.  So he only ended up with a twisted ankle.

There’s footage of the whole thing, and the ledge doesn’t look that high.  Maybe 20 feet, tops.  But a different inmate died two years ago doing the same thing.

Deonte, Austin, and Rodolfo are all in for non-violent crimes . . . two for drunk driving, and one for drugs.  And the sheriff decided to meet them in person to say thanks, and wish them luck when they get out.

The jail’s also planning to put up fencing on the second level, to prevent this from happening again.

(Fox9 / Duluth News Tribune)