Pointing Your Window Blinds Up Keeps Your Place Cooler

This would have been nice to know a little earlier in summer:  A guy on TikTok is going viral after claiming you can keep your home cooler by pointing your window blinds up instead of down.

We’re talking about the ones with horizontal slats, and a little rod you spin to adjust them.

Most people think they look better pointed down.  But pointing them up can supposedly make a room up to EIGHT DEGREES cooler.

It lets less sunlight in, and also bounces those U.V. rays up toward the ceiling instead of down toward the ground where they warm the room more.

We found a few sites that back it up.  He doesn’t say where he got the “eight degrees” part.  But he claims he tested it, and it did change the temperature by almost that much.

Try it and see if it makes a difference.  Then as we move into winter, point them down again to keep your place warmer.  (Mirror)

(Here’s the video.)