Pizza Hut Now Has Burgers . . . Very Weird Burgers

Every now and then, a fast food joint INFRINGES in another brand’s territory . . . like back in the ’80s when McDonald’s briefly added pizza.  That did NOT work out.  So will this fare any better?

Pizza Hut has announced that they’re adding BURGERS . . . sort of.

They’re called Cheeseburger Melts, and they’re described as:  “A parmesan-crusted thin crust Melt folded and loaded with beef, applewood-smoked bacon, onions, mozzarella, and cheddar.”

They’re embracing the fact that they don’t come with a traditional bun, saying, quote, “Goodbye to soggy bun burger deliveries.”

So they’re a bit like a pizza . . . a bit like a burger . . . and they look a lot like a quesadilla.

(A very unhealthy quesadilla.  Here’s a photo.)

The Cheeseburger Melts come with their special, “world’s best burger dipping sauce” on the side, and they’re also available in a “My Hut Box” with fries.  Those start at $6.99.

(PR Newswire / Eat This Not That)