Personal Facts You Should Never Reveal On A First Date says that on first dates, it’s important to strike a balance between honesty and discretion. The site suggests six personal details you should avoid disclosing on a first date.

YOUR INTIMATE PAST: Your romantic history, especially if it involves a lot of casual encounters, is best kept private initially. Oversharing about your past experiences can send the wrong signal.

YOUR DATING HIATUS: Mentioning that you haven’t dated or been intimate in a long time can raise questions that may not be appropriate for a first date.

PAST ABUSE: While disclosing a history of abuse is important for a future partner to understand, it’s a sensitive topic that is best discussed when trust and intimacy have developed.

YOUR ‘CRAZY’ EX: Bringing up messy past relationships can set a negative tone and should be avoided in the early stages of dating.

YOUR DATING STRUGGLES: Sharing that you get dumped frequently can undermine your self-worth and may not be relevant to a first date conversation.

PAST INFIDELITY: Admitting to past cheating can create doubt and mistrust early on. It’s best to focus on building trust in the present rather than highlighting past mistakes.