People Online Are Freaking Out Because They All Have One Identical Freckle on Their Wrists

Take a look at the outside of your wrist.  Do you see one, lone freckle?

Right now, tons of people online are freaking out because they’re discovering they all have that one identical wrist freckle.

It started with a tweet last week when someone named Aaryn Whitley asked, quote, “Ladies . . . you got a freckle on the middle of your wrist or is this a myth?”  And lots of people started responding that yes, they DO have that freckle.

So how is that possible?  It’s probably that freckles get darker when they get a lot of sun, and since your wrists get more sun than most other parts of the body, if you’ve got a freckle there it shows up.

But still . . . it’s a strange phenomenon to see how many other strangers have a freckle in the exact same spot as you do.