People in H.R. Are the Most Likely to Have a Work Romance

I guess this tracks since reporting it would be painless.  Just give yourself a stern talking to in the mirror . . .

A new survey on work romances found the employees most likely to have one are . . . people in H.R.  (!!!)

Your coworkers in human resources are more likely than any other group to flirt with employees . . . have a crush on a coworker . . . have SEXY DREAMS about a colleague . . . and have a “romantic or sexual relationship” at work.

H.R. people are also the most likely to have it blow up in their face.  81% said their working relationship suffered.

25% say it became uncomfortable . . . another 31% say it got so bad, they couldn’t work together anymore . . . and 25% say they or the other person had to leave the company.  All those are about 10 points higher than the average.

Here are a few more quick stats on work relationships . . .

1.  40% of us have dated a coworker.  Around half of those people were single at the time.  The other half were NOT single.

2.  75% of us admit to at least flirting with a coworker before.  And being in a relationship doesn’t stop that either.  Half were in a relationship at the time.

3.  9% of us . . . or 1 in 11 people . . . have had a “romantic relationship” at work while MARRIED.  12% of men, and 7% of women.

4.  Men are more likely to cheat with a subordinate, or someone they manage.  (Shocking.)  Women are more likely to cheat with someone who’s not their boss.

5.  Most people agree that, as long as you disclose it, dating at work is okay.  93% of us agree with that.  For people who don’t agree, the top reasons include:  You shouldn’t mix business and pleasure . . . it might make your coworkers uncomfortable . . . and it’ll be awkward when you inevitably break up.

6.  The chances of finding love definitely aren’t zero though.  9% . . . or 1 in 11 people . . . have had a workplace romance end in marriage.