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People Are Making More Impulse Buys to Cope During the Pandemic

Credit: Nattakorn Maneerat via Thinkstock

Over the past few months, have you found yourself dropping big bucks on stuff you NEVER thought about buying before?  You’re not alone.

According to a new survey, even with the economic situation where it is, Americans are making MORE impulse buys during the pandemic than we were before.

In January, the average person was spending $155-a-month on impulse buys.  In April, that jumped up to $183.

And there are two main reasons.  One . . . we’re stocking up on stuff that’s hard to get or that we want to grab while it’s on sale.  And two . . . online shopping is one of the big ways we’re coping and improving our mood.

The top five most common impulse buys are all pandemic must-haves:  Cleaning supplies . . . hand sanitizer . . . toilet paper . . . hand soap . . . and canned food.

But the survey also found 21% of people have bought themselves a, quote, “treat” they’ve had their eye on for a while . . . 17% have grabbed a video game console . . . and 17% have bought shoes.

(PR Newswire)

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