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Peeps and Crocs Have Teamed Up for Some Insane Looking Mash-Up Clogs

Some people love wearing Crocs.  Not everybody, but some.  Some people like eating Peeps.  Not everybody, but some.  So . . . is there enough overlap in the two fanbases to support THIS?

Just in time for spring and Easter, Peeps and Crocs have teamed up to make some INSANE looking mash-up clogs.

They’re Crocs in bright blue, yellow, or pink . . . and they have three Peeps chicks sticking out of the top of the shoe like triceratops horns.

If you’re interested, you can get them on the Crocs website.  They’ll run you $50 for adults . . . or $40 for kids.  (Last we checked the adult version was somehow SOLD OUT.)

This is Crocs’ second line of special-edition shoes with a food brand this year.  Last month they created a line with KFC that were chicken-scented and had plastic drumsticks on top.

(The Takeout

(Here’s a picture.)


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