I Bought Peanut Butter in East Wenatchee . . . And it Might Have Salmonella
Afternoon Blog: Brandon Naff

Let’s hope the peanut butter I bought at the East Wenatchee Costco doesn’t actually have salmonella in it. Because I already ate some.

Last night I came across the following recall notice for Jif Peanut Butter and even though I didn’t really think I’d have potentially contaminated peanut butter, I decided to check just in case. It turns out, I did.

One problem: I ate some of the peanut butter yesterday morning.

So I’m hoping the next 24 hours are . . . uneventful. After 48 hours I’m in the clear, right? Right!?

I’ll probably be fine and if you’ve eaten any potentially contaminated peanut butter without showing any symptoms of salmonella exposure, you should be too. If you happen to have some of the recalled peanut butter however, it’s best to return it or toss it (even if you’ve already eaten some) just to be safe.

Here’s how to know if your peanut butter has been recalled:

Look on the back under the “best by” date. If the 5th – 7th numbers are “425” AND the first 4 numbers fall between 1274 and 2140, your peanut butter has been recalled. And if it has, you should get rid of it.