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Parents Face 1,750 Decisions in a Baby’s First Year . . . Here Are the 10 Toughest Ones

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When you have a newborn, you have to make TONS of huge decisions for the baby . . . and just pray that you don’t screw a single one of them up.  Oh, and you’re doing it on basically no sleep because otherwise, it would be too easy.

According to a new study, parents face 1,750 important decisions in their baby’s first year.  That’s around 34 decisions a week, or about four or five decisions a day.  And here are the 10 toughest decisions . . .

1.  Choosing a name.

2.  Deciding on breastfeeding versus formula.

3.  Figuring out childcare.

4.  Deciding which type of formula to use.

5.  Figuring out where the baby will sleep.

6.  Decorating the nursery.

7.  Deciding if, when, and how to sleep train.

8.  Deciding whether or not to post baby photos on social media.

9.  Finding the right pediatrician.

10.  Deciding whether to parent like your parents did.

(SWNS Digital)

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