Credit: Motortion via Thinkstock

If you’re a parent, keeping your place clean can seem impossible . . . because you’ve got someone right behind you making it a MESS again.

A new poll found the average parent can only keep a room totally clean for 17 minutes.  Then the mess starts building again.  And the MESSIEST age is seven years old.

Here are four more stats on messy kids . . .

1.  Two-thirds of parents said there’s currently a mess somewhere in their home that they’ve been meaning to clean up, but haven’t.

2.  The rooms that stay clean for the shortest amount of time are:  The living room . . . bathroom . . . kitchen . . . master bedroom . . . and kids’ bedrooms.

3.  The average household with kids does 2,184 pounds of laundry a year.  To put that in terms your kid will understand . . . it’s right around what a rhinoceros weighs.

4.  The top chores kids actually ENJOY helping with are loading the dishwasher, clearing dishes, and helping you cook.