Parents’ Annoying Habits Include: Gossiping . . . Being Too Loud . . . and Humming the Canadian Anthem?

We’re about halfway between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day . . . so this is a safe space to share the things about our parents that IRRITATE US.

People on the internet are talking about their parents’ ANNOYING HABITS.

Some of them are rough, like smoking or drinking . . . some are strange . . . and some of them are wholesome.  Here are the highlights:

1.  “I can’t tell my parents any secrets . . . or they’d be the topic of the next big family gathering.”

2.  “They call my name . . . I answer . . . and there’s no response back.”

3.  “When I walk down the sidewalk with my mom . . . she keeps veering towards me until I’m literally off the curb.”

4.  “My dad HAS to be at the airport like six hours before departure.”

5.  “When they sleep, I am ninja quiet.  When I sleep . . . there’s vacuuming, phone calls, a booming TV, loud conversations, demolishing part of the house, and fire alarms going off.”

6.  “My mom always says ‘long story short’ . . . and then proceeds to tell a long story, packed with unnecessary details.”

7.  “My mom can’t have a conversation without telling me I shouldn’t be doing something for some crazy reason.  Like, ‘You know, you shouldn’t be using Windex, because the birds won’t be able to see the window, and they’ll all come and break their necks.'”

8.  “I’m 38, and my dad needs to micromanage EVERY step of EVERYTHING I do to help out, even if it’s just hopping on a ladder to change a lightbulb.”

9.  “My mom is constantly humming . . . usually the Canadian National Anthem.  We’re not Canadian.”

10.  And this is nice:  “They’re always showing me love and kindness without making any demands in return.  How’s a kid supposed to live up to that?”