Our Top “Springtime Frustrations” Include Allergies, Mosquitos, and Taxes

Spring might be America’s favorite season, but there are still plenty of things we HATE about it.  So what’s the WORST thing about spring?  A new poll found it’s allergies.  Maybe take that with a grain of salt though . . .

The survey was paid for by an allergy drug company, and everyone in it HAD allergies.  So obviously that’s going to be an issue for them.  The rest of this list seems pretty legit though . . .

1.  Allergies.  54% said they’re one of the worst things about spring.

2.  Spring cleaning, 44%.

3.  Unpredictable weather, 44%.

4.  Having to mow your lawn again, 42%.

5.  Mosquitos, 41%.

6.  Doing your taxes, 38%.

7.  Dealing with Daylight Saving Time, 37%.

8.  Having to buy new clothes, or finding stuff that still fits.  (SWNS)