Our Top Bedtime Blunders Include Falling Asleep in Our Clothes, and with Our Phone

A new poll found the average American spends 27 minutes getting ready for bed.  Unless we fall asleep first . . . then it’s zero minutes.

Falling asleep before doing your nightly routine is common, and young people are the most likely to do it.  Here are the most common bedtime blunders . . .

1.  Falling asleep while scrolling on your phone.  51% said it happens, including 68% of Gen Zers.  (Bonus points if you nod off and drop it on your face.)

2.  Forgetting to brush your teeth or wash your face, 41%.  Again, Gen Z tops the list at 53%.

3.  Falling asleep without saying goodnight, 39%.

4.  Forgetting to turn off the TV or set a timer, 38%.

5.  Falling asleep with your clothes on, 37%.  47% of Gen Zers do it.

6.  Forgetting to set an alarm, 36%.

7.  Falling asleep with the lights on, 35%.

8.  Falling asleep with your glasses on, or contacts in.  31% of us sometimes do it.

They also asked people to name the top things they think about in bed to HELP them fall asleep.

The top answers were our favorite moments from the day . . . our family . . . and WORK is third.  Like preparing a mental checklist for the next day.