Our Top 30 Food Turn-Offs Include Picking Your Teeth and Slurping Soup

If you’re on a first date and don’t want a second one, just do all the stuff on this list.  Someone asked people to name the top food-related turn-offs.  Here are the Top 10 . . .

1.  Being rude to your server

2.  Chewing with your mouth open

3.  Talking with your mouth full

4.  Spitting something back out onto your plate

5.  Picking your teeth

6.  Slurping soup

7.  Eating something off their plate without asking

8.  Licking your knife  (???)

9.  Criticizing the food if you stayed in and they cooked it

10.  Licking your fingers clean

A few more that just missed the Top 10:  Double-dipping . . . playing with your food . . . and putting ketchup on EVERYTHING.

(Study Finds)