Our Favorite Holiday Smells Include Christmas Trees, Cookies, and Fires

Thanksgiving is over, so it’s straight into Christmas news, I guess:  An early Christmas poll asked people to rank their favorite holiday SMELLS.  And Christmas trees ranked first.

We’re a little suspicious, because the poll was done by a group called the “REAL Christmas Tree Board.”  But the rest of the rankings do seem about right . . .

1.  Christmas trees.  56% said it’s one of their favorite holiday smells.

2.  Cookies.

3.  Cinnamon.

4.  Hot chocolate.

5.  Gingerbread.

6.  Peppermint.

7.  A fire burning in the fireplace.

8.  Chestnuts.  (I bet half the people who voted for that are just big Nat King Cole fans.)

(PR Newswire)