Only 6% of Parents Say They Wish They Kept Fewer Childhood Mementos

Millennials:  How many times have you heard your parents BEGGING you to come back and collect all the stuff from your childhood that they kept?  And how many times have you said that you DON’T WANT IT?

Well, there’s a new survey out on childhood mementos, and parents were asked “Do you wish you had kept more of your children’s childhood . . . less . . . or about the same?”

Only 6% said they wish they would’ve kept less.  35% said they wish they would’ve kept more . . . and about HALF said “the same amount.”  So, these parents are HAPPY they have what they have.

Here’s a rundown of what parents kept:

1.  95% kept photos of their kids as children.

2.  74% kept their art.

3.  70% kept awards and certificates.

4.  57% kept videos of them as children, and another 57% kept report cards.

5.  55% kept cards or letters they received.

6.  48% kept yearbooks.

7.  46% kept a print or cast of their handprints or footprints.

8.  45% kept toys.

9.  35% kept their baby clothes, and another 35% kept a lock of their hair.

10.  29% kept their baby teeth.