One Thing in Every Room That We Never Clean

We’re a month from the first day of spring.  But if you want to get a head start on spring cleaning, here’s one thing in every room we never clean . . .

1.  In your bathroom:  Your shower head.  Soak it in a vinegar solution and use a brush to remove mold and minerals.  If it doesn’t detach, fill a plastic bag and tie it on there.  Ideally, you should do it once a month.  But once a year is okay.

2.  In your kitchen:  The top of your refrigerator.  Most people aren’t tall enough to see up there, so we forget about it.  But get on a stool and check it out.  It’s probably filthy.  No one ever cleans BEHIND their appliances either.

3.  In your living room:  Deep-clean under your couch cushions.  You should at least be vacuuming under there every now and then.

4.  In your bedroom:  The drawer pulls on your dresser and nightstand.  We touch them every day but never clean them, so they’re covered in bacteria.

5.  Something that might be in multiple rooms:  Houseplants.  They collect dust just like any surface.  So dust or wipe them down every now and then.  Too much dust can actually block sunlight and affect their health.