One in Every 568 Flights Now Have an “Unruly Passenger” Incident

A new report found bad behavior on planes is STILL happening more and more.  There was one “unruly passenger incident” for every 568 flights worldwide last year.  That’s up from one in every 835 the year before.

Verbal abuse and DRUNK people are two of the main culprits.  But not following the airline’s rules ranks first.

The most common types of non-compliance are:  Smoking or vaping on board . . . refusing to keep seatbelts on . . . baggage issues, like getting caught with a carry-on you didn’t pay for . . . and drinking booze you bought at the duty-free store.

In related news, someone combed Twitter to find the weirdest and funniest things that have caused flight delays recently.  Here are the highlights . . .

1.  A fistfight on the jetway.

2.  Someone AirDropped passengers photos of a PLANE CRASH.

3.  Someone’s emotional support dog wouldn’t stop barking.

4.  Before take-off, a passenger removed an exit door and ran off with it.  (???)

5.  A passenger spilled a bunch of rice in the aisle.  Then the crew refused to leave until they cleaned it up.

6.  The pilot left his glasses on another plane.

7.  A flight was delayed by a, quote, “fish incident in the cargo hold.”  (???)

8.  The crew realized the food carts on board were too wide for the aisles.

9.  A flight was delayed because ONE tray table was broken.

10.  Someone spotted a pothole in the runway.

(CNN / BuzzFeed)