1.  There’s something to be said for perseverance after a major disappointment.  Canadian diver Pamela Ware scored a rare 0.0 score in the Olympic three-meter springboard semifinal on Saturday.  (A ZERO dive looks like this.)

She was attempting the most difficult dive of the competition, but she bailed on it halfway through.

After the dive, she said, quote, “I’m very proud of myself . . . I made a mistake . . . I’ve done everything possible to make it to where I am . . . I’m not going anywhere, I’m not giving up.  I’ll be around [at the next Olympics] in three years.”

2.  Olympics organizers say they have launched an investigation after a group of athletes were caught in the Olympic village . . . DRINKING.  (???)  The “problem” is that violates rules put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The CEO of Tokyo 2020 said, quote, “We’re looking into the matter.  We’ll take appropriate steps based on our findings.”  He said the police were also at the scene.  It’s unclear what that means, but as far as we know, no Olympians have been thrown in prison.

3.  Rolling Stone talked with some Olympians, and asked them what music they’ve been putting on to get themselves pumped up.

4.  We’re about two-thirds of the way through the Olympics, and the Japanese citizens are FINALLY warming up to the Games.

But TV audiences aren’t.  Through the first eight days of the Olympics, NBC’s primetime ratings are down a staggering 48% compared to Rio de Janeiro in 2016, and down 58% from London in 2012.

5.  If you’re looking for some UPLIFTING news, the Associated Press is covering some “acts of kindness” happening at the Olympics.

6.  Somewhat surprisingly, SIMONE BILES decided to return for the individual balance beam competition.