Oh, Great: 99% of Cars Have Cancer-Causing Chemicals in the Cabin Air?

Your morning commute is really trying to KILL YOU, even if you:  Follow the rules of the road . . . carefully avoid bad drivers . . . don’t use your cell phone . . . keep the music at a safe volume . . .

Don’t smoke . . . drive an older car to avoid “new car smell” carcinogens . . . and roll the windows up so you aren’t breathing exhaust.  Now there’s this:

A new study has found that 99% of cars test positive for cancer-causing chemicals in cabin air.  These are from chemical flame retardants, which are added to vehicle interiors (like in the foam) to meet safety standards.

But apparently, they can seep into the air you breathe and that can be bad . . . especially in the summer when interiors get hot.

It’s not enough to be concerning, though . . . right?  Uh, well . . .

The bad news is:  Researchers ARE concerned, and say “cars are a significant source of our exposure to these chemicals,” which “are associated with cancer, brain harms, developmental problems, and reproductive issues.”

The good news is:  We’re exposed to trace amounts of MANY chemicals in our daily lives, and our bodies are pretty good at processing them.  And, at least for now, this contact is largely unavoidable.

The only tip to help is:  You open the doors and let some air clear out before getting in, particularly on a hot day.  The more air circulation and ventilation the better.  But that’s really it.

“Consumer Reports” created this petition urging the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to ensure cancer-causing chemicals are kept out of cars . . . especially ones that may do more harm than good.

(Study Finds)

(Everyone says America is divided on every issue, but can we ALL just agree that we need to pour everything we can into education and research to NIX CANCER FOR GOOD?  Because at this point, it’s going to be easier to find cures and treatments than eliminate ALL the potential threats.)