A Nurse Helps a Woman Who Delivered Her Baby in the Car . . . After Her Husband Got Into a Crash

I’m thinking this PROBABLY wasn’t this woman’s birth plan.

A woman named Ying Shi from San Diego, California went into labor just before 3:00 A.M. on Monday.  She and her husband, Hongwei Zhang, got into the car and he started speeding toward the hospital.

But apparently he was panicking TOO much, and he CRASHED into a concrete barrier.  He called 911, but he had trouble explaining where they were . . . and it was too late anyway.  The baby wasn’t waiting.

So Ying gave birth right there in the front seat.

Hongwei ran into the street to flag down help . . . and it just so happened that the car he stopped was a NURSE named Dayna Dumont, who was driving home from her shift.

She pulled over and helped Ying and her new daughter.  She made sure the baby was okay, the umbilical cord wasn’t around her neck, and then SHE told the 911 dispatchers where they were.

Fortunately, Ying and her baby are both doing well.

(San Diego Union-Tribune)



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