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Now a Monolith Identical to the One in Utah Has Appeared in Romania

Have you been following the saga of the upcoming alien invasion?  Before the latest twist, we’ll quickly fill you in if you haven’t.

A few weeks ago, someone spotted a mysterious structure in the remote desert in Utah.  It was a 12-foot steel monolith that looked very alien-like.  And then, this past Friday, it DISAPPEARED.

The newest twist?  Another virtually identical monolith was just found near an ancient archaeological landmark in ROMANIA.  Yes, halfway around the world, another one of these showed up.

And there’s no word on where THAT statue came from when it went up . . . or when the aliens are going to beam down to reclaim it as they did with the one in Utah.

And one more note on the whole monolith thing:  After it was found in Utah, lots of people hiked to see it.  There aren’t any bathrooms anywhere close to the area.

So the Bureau of Land Management says, quote, “Visitors who flocked to the site . . . left behind human waste as evidence of their visit.”

Also, someone posted on Instagram he saw some men remove the Utah statue because they didn’t like all the attention and people it was bringing to the area.   (Daily Star / The Daily Beast)  (Here’s a picture of the Romanian monolith.)

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