New “Wedding Rules for 2023” Include: No Outdoor Summer Weddings . . . No Kids . . . and No Gifts

We’re closing in on wedding season . . . again . . . and so a magazine has come up with a list of “new rules” to make weddings a little less unbearable.  (But not YOUR wedding . . . we all CAN’T WAIT for that!)  (???)

Here’s are a few of the “new rules”:

1.  No more engagement parties.

2.  No outdoor summer weddings.

3.  Your closest friends, not you, should control the guest list.

4.  It is entirely fine to deny anyone a plus-one for any reason.

5.  Never say “black tie optional.” Choose.

6.  It is fine to skip a wedding for any reason, but RSVP early.

7.  No kids.  If kids are needed for the ceremony, a car should be waiting.

8.  If you travel from out of town, you don’t need to get the couple a gift . . . actually, all gifts should be banned.

9.  It’s fine if someone else wears white.

10.  No one has to walk you down the aisle.

11.  Give us a good kiss.

12.  Posed photos are over.

13.  Simplify the menu:  Just make your vegetarian option vegan.

14.  Speeches must be pre-written.

15.  Dancing is mandatory for everyone able.

( has the whole list.)

(This is not a list of trends, just a suggested list of new rules for modern, American weddings.  Which do you AGREE with, or DISAGREE with?)