New Thing to Worry About: Contact Lenses Cause Cancer?

If you’re looking for some GOOD news today . . . this isn’t it.

New research has revealed that many soft contact lenses are made up of compounds linked to a lot of health issues . . . including cancer, liver and kidney disease, autoimmune disorders, and fertility problems.

The researchers tested 18 different pairs of soft contact lenses to see if they contained PFAS . . . or “forever chemicals” . . . and they found extremely high levels of them in ALL of the contacts.  One researcher said, “You could consider [the lenses] almost pure PFAS.”

It’s unclear just how dangerous this is . . . because no studies on how the eyes absorb PFAS from lenses have been done.  So it’s too early to freak out.

It’s also very difficult to avoid forever chemicals.  They’re so widely used that they can be unintentionally added to products throughout the supply chain.  In recent years they’ve been found in everything from toilet paper to plastic food containers to fruit juice.  So we don’t know if contacts are UNIQUELY dangerous.

(The Guardian)