National Margarita Day! 3% of Us Will Judge You for Ordering a Frozen One

If a coworker shows up hung over tomorrow morning, this is why:  Happy National Margarita Day!  Here are a few stats and facts to celebrate . . .

1.  A poll for it found 76% of Americans like margaritas.  Only 7% have a full-on HATRED for them.

2.  Margaritas are the third-most-ordered cocktail worldwide.  That’s according to Bacardi’s most recent global survey.  The top five are gin & tonic, mojito, margarita, Bloody Mary, and whisky & Coke.

3.  67% of us prefer frozen margaritas.  But 3% of Americans don’t think that’s truly a “margarita” and will JUDGE you for ordering it.

4.  Cheeseburgers are the top food we’re most likely to order with a frozen margarita.

5.  15% of us only drink them when we’re on vacation.

6.  Two-thirds of us like a salted rim, and 26% always lick it before each sip.

7. ranked the best margarita mixes you can buy, and gave the top spot to Tres Agaves Organic.  Some of the others have way too much sugar.

8.  “USA Today” did a round-up of the best Margarita Day deals.  They include $5 margs at Dave & Buster’s, and at Chili’s.

(Chili’s might be a good call, since it also happens to be National Chili Day!)