National Hamburger Day Deals! Did You Not Eat Enough of Them Yesterday?

I’d normally be excited for a free burger, except I just ate four of them:  Happy National Hamburger Day!  It’s always May 28th, which happens to be the day after Memorial Day this year.

If you didn’t get your fill of burgers yesterday, a few national chains have deals.

1.  Wendy’s is handing out Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers for a penny if you order through their website or app.  The good news is that one runs through Sunday.  So you can wait if you’re still digesting.

2.  Burger King is marking its 70th birthday with a full week of deals.  You can get a free hamburger today if you spend 70 cents and join their rewards program.  Then it’s the same deal the rest of the week for other stuff.

3.  Arby’s rewards members can get half off a burger between now and Sunday.

4.  Dave & Buster’s has 50% off burgers for loyalty members.

5.  Jack in the Box has free Jumbo Jacks if you spend $1.

(USA Today)