National Egg Day! Here’s How We Like to Eat Them and Crack Them

If you weren’t sure what to make for breakfast, it should have been a no-brainer.  Happy National Egg Day!

A recent poll found our favorite way to eat them is scrambled, and it’s not close.  45% said scrambled, and 24% said fried.  Hard-boiled is next at 8%, then poached and soft-boiled round out the top five.  Only 6% of Americans say they never eat eggs.

Here are a few more stats for National Egg Day . . .

1.  How do you crack an egg, on the edge of a bowl or on a flat surface?  Of the people who answered, 63% said edge . . . 26% said flat surface . . . and 11% said “some other way,” like with a knife.  (Or on your kid’s forehead.)

Flat surface is almost twice as popular with young people.  It’s supposed to be better for keeping pieces of the shell out.

2.  White eggs or brown eggs?  67% usually buy white, 20% said brown, and 13% said it varies or they don’t buy eggs.

(There’s no real difference between white and brown.  White ones generally come from hens with white feathers, and brown eggs from brown feathers.)

3.  Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  10,000 Americans were polled:  44% said chicken . . . 32% said egg . . . and 24% still can’t decide.


(The Happy Egg Company is running a contest today where you can win free eggs for a year.  Draw a smiley face on an egg, post a photo or video of it being pampered in some way, and tag them on Instagram.)