National Beverage Day! Here’s the Top Cocktail in All 50 States

It’s National Beverage Day!  Pretty broad topic for a holiday.  Do we really need to be reminded to . . . drink something?  (There’s also a National Food Day on October 24th.)

You’re supposed to celebrate by kicking back and enjoying your favorite beverage.  So a dubious new poll looked at the top COCKTAIL people have been googling in all 50 states.

We say dubious because most of them make sense.  But #3 is a pretty obscure drink to be the top search in five different states.

1.  Margarita with 31 states.  It’s also the top drink Canadians are searching for.

2.  Martini, nine states.  It’s #1 in D.C. as well.

3.  Constantine.  (???)  It’s an old drink from the 1930s that’s kind of like a gin martini, but with a splash of absinthe.

It’s supposedly the top search in Michigan, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and West Virginia.  (Did it have a moment on TikTok or something?  Or do people in those states just really love the 2005 Keanu Reeves movie?)

Mojito is the top search in two states, Arkansas and Wisconsin . . . Piña Colada is #1 in Hawaii . . . and hung-over tourists in Nevada are constantly searching for Bloody Marys.