Most people across the country changed their clocks yesterday . . . except people in Arizona and Hawaii, where they don’t do that, and also your one coworker who got into work an hour early today and seems very confused.

But even though we all keep on changing our clocks twice a year . . . we hate it.

According to a new survey, almost three-quarters of Americans say they wish the time would just stay the same all year long.

And if we DID have to pick one of the two options permanently, which would it be: Standard Time, where it gets dark by, like, 5:30 P.M. . . . or Daylight Saving Time, where it’s still dark outside when we wake up?

People are split on that. Around 40% of Americans say they’d like to see Standard Time all year long . . . 30% would go for Daylight Saving . . . and the rest want to just keep switching back and forth.