More Than Half of Us Are Driving Less Thanks to Sky-High Gas Prices

 If you’ve been getting to work lately by clinging to the side of a moving bus, this is probably why . . .

A new poll found more than half of us are driving less right now to deal with sky-high gas prices.

54% said they’re driving less than they usually would.  And 78% said gas prices are impacting their driving habits in one way or another.

The poll was done in mid-May, so it might be even higher now.  The national average then was $4.48 a gallon.  Now it’s around $5, up more than 50 cents.

Meanwhile, a separate online survey done yesterday asked people if they think gas prices will KEEP going up, and most said yes.

Just over 80% of Americans think the national average will hit SIX BUCKS at some point this summer.

Only 10% don’t think it’ll happen, and 8% aren’t sure.

(PR Newswire / YouGov)